Alex, all my ideas are good. What do you mean, kill my bad ideas? I hear you. Look, I am a risk taker. I’m a visionary. I love starting things. If you were to tell me, Alex. Kill your bad ideas. When you have a bad idea in the future, kill it. I’m like, Man, I don’t think any ideas are bad or what are you talking about? But it is so important for us as entrepreneurs because opportunity follows us and we are a magnet for opportunities because we are action takers. It’s very important for us to have feelers out there, have different data points to where we know this idea is not working. Let me give you an example. Recently, we had a very high risk but high reward division of our company, and it was done for you services and the division itself started to bleed red. It was one of our very first Billion-Dollar divisions inside of the brain group. But it started to bleed and we worked on patching it. We tried a lot of different approaches, but it just wasn’t working out. And so we ended up making some major modifications to the entire division as a whole so that it would stop bleeding red ink and stop losing money. And we had to kill some ideas that we thought were really, really good and it just wasn’t panning out. A lot of times the numbers are going to tell you when an idea is simply isn’t working. We can’t trust our feelings, our judgment, our convictions or our excitement because we can get really, really excited about some crappy ideas. Because our entrepreneurs, we love the chase of creating new things and starting. We just it’s how we’re built. I want to encourage you kill a bad idea as soon as you know it’s not working because your next great idea is right around the corner.


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Alex Branning

Alex started the Branning Group in December 2000, when he was only 17 years old. Since then, he has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs and is now widely considered one of the leading high performance marketing coaches in the country. Alex has revolutionized the insurance and real estate marketing sector with his “Giveaway Funnel” strategy, and his trainings have been consumed by entrepreneurs worldwide. Alex’s books include “How to Grow Your Business on Pinterest” and “Insurance Super Agent”. He is followed by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs on Instagram and Facebook, his podcast has been rated as a top business podcast and his YouTube videos have been watched over 200,000 times. He lives in Redding, CA with his wife Kathy, his daughter Ali and their two pets: a brichon frise dog named Snow and a Holland Lop bunny named Foo Foo.

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