Think in one year blocks and construct seasons for your year as you look forward to the year 2022. I would encourage you to not only write out goals, but also try to map out what the various seasons of your life will look like, for example. Summertime is a time for the Branning family to take vacations and go see family members. But I love to close out the year and a sprint, so right now I am crushing it on my goals and I’m living my life at a pace that I am not intending to keep up for the rest of the year. What my life looks like right now in November and December. The pace that I’m running at is not sustainable, and so but I know that it’s going to be over soon and that come January, I’m going to go into a different mode, a different season of my life. So I want to encourage you. Think of your life in a one year block and map out the seasons that you’re going to be in when you’re going to sprint, when you’re going to rest and all the fun stuff in between.


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